In 2001 in Republic of Macedonia, under the mountain top Tatizev Kamen, Staro Nagoricane, was found archaeological locality from the bronze period, in the evolution of the people. The things that were found in the archaeological camps, and the analyzes that were done in the years after, showed that this locality has all the characteristics as a holy mountain, but as well as an ancient observatory. Today this locality is known as Megalithic observatory Kokino or simple Kokino.
      Megalithic observatory Kokino is located in the NorthEast part of Macedonia, near the Serbian border. It is located in the villages Kokino and Arbanasko. The whole region has about 1000 population today.
      According to the legends that are told by the farmers, it is interesting to tell that in this region people reared a lot of horses. Some people even claimed that most of the horses that Alexander the Great had, were from this region and several of times they saved his life. Most of these events are in the history of Republic of Macedonia.
      In this part of Macedonia were found a lot of archaeological places from the Roman era, as well as from bronze and iron era. This shows us that this region is old at least 7000 years, and the history of this place is full with events, and good people.

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